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“A page turning adventure set in the mythic city of Saint Anthony (Minneapolis, Minnesota), dark and riveting.”



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  • Sister Anna Alm, A Poor Clare March 8, 2021
    Sister Anna was grateful to have the old priest on the grounds today. She had been fighting with the groundskeepers about the fate of a bat who had flown into the building through an open window in the narthex; the groundskeepers had wanted to kill the little creature, seeming to take a cruel delight in […]
  • Imogene d’Alsace (The Woman in the Well) February 17, 2021
    Imogene woke in the darkness; she could not move. She had no sense of her body or anything around her accept the dark. This was not the utter darkness of the abyss; it was the near blackness that belonged to the witching hour on a moonless night. From the place where her body lay, the […]
  • Herbert Pond (Commissioner of Parks) February 8, 2021
    Herbert Pond sat at his desk in the turret of his house, on the third floor of the mansion that had been built on top of King’s Hill, built for him, the Commissioner of Parks. From his window he was able to surveil the parking lot and headquarters of his police force, the “rangers” as […]
  • The Semifinals! January 28, 2021
    I am pleased to say that Johnny Holiday, and The Man with Lightning in His Eye has made it into the semifinals of the ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Contest. Stay tuned for further developments!
  • Helga Magnusson January 4, 2021
    Helga Magnusson sat in the back seat of the cream-colored sedan with Celene Forrester while their mutual friend, Dr. Peirce Johnson chauffeured them about town. The car belonged to Celene, or to her father to be precise, the notorious Colonel Forrester who was the most powerful man in Saint Anthony. The three of them had […]
  • Stan Morgan (Park Patrol) December 16, 2020
    Sergeant Morgan took the call coming over the radio requesting a response to a disturbance at the Round Up on East Lake Street. He and his partner were just a few blocks away doing patrols around Powderhorn Park; the storm had made for a slow night and he was tired of driving around the perimeter […]
Sid Gateaux

Sid Gateaux (b. April 1st, 1969), in Minneapolis, Minnesota to French/American parents. A lifelong resident of Minneapolis, Historian, Philosopher and Theologian educated in the Benedictine tradition, master of Zen Buddhism in the Soto tradition. He teaches history of religion and provides spiritual direction to students and mentees in a private setting.

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