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“A page turning adventure set in the mythic city of Saint Anthony (Minneapolis, Minnesota), dark and riveting.”


Sid Gateaux

Sid Gateaux (b. April 1st, 1969), in Minneapolis, Minnesota to French/American parents. A lifelong resident of Minneapolis, Historian, Philosopher and Theologian educated in the Benedictine tradition, master of Zen Buddhism in the Soto tradition. He teaches history of religion and provides spiritual direction to students and mentees in a private setting.

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The Man with Lightning in His Eyes

Set in the fictional city of Saint Anthony (Minneapolis, Minnesota), in the early twentieth century, this novel follows the adventures of Johnny Holiday, an unlikely hero. Left on the steps of an orphanage, and forced to find his own way in the world, coming of age during the Great Depression, Johnny Holiday worked his way up through the newspaper businesses; first as a paperboy, then working at the presses until he found his way into the world of journalism. Commissioned by a wealthy man to write a biographical essay on his missing son-in-law, and to investigate the disappearance, Johnny finds himself caught up in a world of gamblers and gangsters, witchcraft and alchemy, police corruption and murder.



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