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“A page turning adventure set in the mythic city of Saint Anthony (Minneapolis, Minnesota), dark and riveting.”



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  • Angela Guthrie August 10, 2020
    Angela Guthrie was upset, worse than that she was terrified. She had come to work at the bookstore like any other day only to find that her employer, Ingrid Magnusson was not there and she could not get into the store. She waited outside. It was hot and the air was thick with humidity, she […]
  • Ivan “The Wolf” Wolvenson August 3, 2020
    Ivan Wolvenson sat in the front parlor of his patron’s home waiting. He was pensive. He didn’t like waiting. He was a man of action, but he never questioned his. He had been told to retire to the house in Tangletown, a sleepy neighborhood with lovely cottages on the banks of the narrow stream named […]
  • Marie Beguine (A Forrester Maid) July 27, 2020
    Marie returned to the maid’s chamber, leaving Amelie alone once again with the young man the Colonel had brought into the house. She wasn’t sure if she liked this Johnny Holiday, though she had to admit that he was a handsome fellow, tall and strong with a smooth complexion. He was just the sort of […]
  • Karl Thorrson July 20, 2020
    Karl Thorrson was a giant, nearly seven feet tall with bones as dense as granite. His hands were as big as bear paws and his shoulders as broad as a draft horse, and yet despite his size he was graceful, light of foot like a dancer and as nimble fingered as a seamstress, and he […]
  • Dr. Pierce Johnson Ph.D., (Antiquities) July 13, 2020
    Dr. Johnson cursed himself as he walked away from the lake as fast as he could, gripping his cane tightly in one hand, not even bothering to swing it. He was rattled. He had been followed from the Ingrid Magnusson’s bookstore by a man who looked like he could be police, or a prizefighter. A […]
  • Amelie Elmquist (Forrester) July 6, 2020
    Amelie Elmquist stood by her window in the antechamber of the wing she occupied in the Forrester mansion. She stood there watching her father, Colonel Forrester, as he interviewed a poorly dressed young man at length in the garden below her. It troubled her. She couldn’t peel herself away from her perch where she concealed […]
Sid Gateaux

Sid Gateaux (b. April 1st, 1969), in Minneapolis, Minnesota to French/American parents. A lifelong resident of Minneapolis, Historian, Philosopher and Theologian educated in the Benedictine tradition, master of Zen Buddhism in the Soto tradition. He teaches history of religion and provides spiritual direction to students and mentees in a private setting.

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