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“A page turning adventure set in the mythic city of Saint Anthony (Minneapolis, Minnesota), dark and riveting.”



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  • John Fields – Patron on the Strip October 19, 2020
    John Fields was eager for a night of R&R as his lodge members called it…ribald-revelry. It was his turn to pick up the girls, visit the apothecary and return to the lodge with enough cocaine and opium to keep a dozen people loose and up all night. He was eager for it, despite the storm. […]
  • Greta Swenson – Working Girl on Lake Street October 5, 2020
    Greta felt horrible, sick with fever and chills. It wasn’t the everyday sickness she experienced when she felt the deep-tissue yearning in her body when she needed her daily-fix. It was something else something that came with the end of summer and the rain, but she was working anyway because she didn’t have a choice. […]
  • Franky Lyons – A Lake Street Pimp September 29, 2020
    Franky sat at a small round table with two of his fellow operators. The rain had forced them all inside but they kept watch over the girls who were out in the weather getting soaked. The three of them had been sitting together for a few hours, sipping brandy and comparing notes on the ups […]
  • Kenny Babineau, Store Clerk September 22, 2020
    Kenny Babineau kept watch over the darkened store. He stood at the entrance beneath the rain-soaked awning with a baseball bat by his side. He had taken swift action as soon as the power went out, after the thunder strike shook the building and turned his knees to jelly. He put the cash from the […]
  • Larry Miller’s News Stand September 1, 2020
    Rain hammered the city, and Larry Miller’s newsstand took the worst of it. The drains filled then the gutters, and the overflow flooded the sidewalk as Larry did what he could to keep his goods dry. As soon as the silver dollar size drops began to fall the old newsy pulled everything off the sidewalk, […]
  • Rebecca Mordecai August 24, 2020
    Rebecca reached into the porcelain bowl the table where her clients left her fee. She had not given the proper reading to the young man who had just left her corner of the bookstore, but he had asked enough questions and taken a sufficient amount of her time to charge him. They had not discussed […]
Sid Gateaux

Sid Gateaux (b. April 1st, 1969), in Minneapolis, Minnesota to French/American parents. A lifelong resident of Minneapolis, Historian, Philosopher and Theologian educated in the Benedictine tradition, master of Zen Buddhism in the Soto tradition. He teaches history of religion and provides spiritual direction to students and mentees in a private setting.

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